SugarCRM Themes

accountthemeazureWe based our work on years of experience in SugarCRM to create fully usable, much nicer themes to add in our collection. We took the challenging work of creating new improved, user-friendly and fully responsive new themes. Say hello to "Azzure" and "Clean" themes! What you will get by switching from classic to one of More Info »

SugarCRM SMS Messaging

sms.easy.sendingThis module enables efficient SMS sending from within SugarCRM to a large number to global mobile networks, enabling sales teams to easily SMS leads, contacts or accounts. A log is kept of the interaction and added to the record history.

SugarCRM Professionelle Jagd nach Kunden

crm-buch-500Vergleich aller erhältlicher Versionen (inkl. SugarCRM 6), SugarCRM Projekte planen& umsetzen, Installation, Administration& Anpassung, Use Cases f. Marketing, Vertrieb& Support, mobile Endgeräte.

SugarCRM integration with Mailchimp

Picture1SugarCRM works excellent for email campaign but due to the limitation of email server and absence of pre built email template tools like mailchimp are more popular. We are coming up with complete integration between SugarCRM with Mailchimp.

SugarCRM Font Pack

SugarCRM PDF fonts pack allows you to generate PDF documents with data in various languages. This font pack extends the SugarCRM charsets support to most of the symbols in common use, including European, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. etc.

SugarCRM Compiere integration

sugarsync4The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of

SugarCRM Chinese Simplized-C3CRM

C3CRM is developed based on SugarCRM. Besides modules in SugarSuite, we furtherly add practical modules : Products, Pricebooks, Quotes, ProductService, Followup, Contracts, Shares, Apps, Reports and so on. We will provide more as you wish.    

SugarCRM CE Version 7.0.1

Updated version working with PHP 7+ versions

SugarCRM CE 6.5 update to latest PHP 7

support-1-720x720-update SugarCRM CE 6.5 to PHP 7+ . -update custom modules and custom code to PHP 7+ Contact DanmarCRM for more information's

SugarCRM 5.2,6.X.X CE Romanian Language

Contains language pack files for Romanian.Contine traducerea in Romana pentru SugarCRM 5.2 CE si 6.X.X CE

Sugar Pro style theme for CE - YouAddOn

dashboard  A Sugar Professional style theme for Sugar Community Edition. To get it please contact us. get it here:

Sugar Portal for Mambo

A series of Mambo components for SugarCRM. Allow Mambo users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within mambo.

Sugar Portal for Joomla

joomla15_listviewTo allow joomla users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within joomla.

Sugar Pipeline Themes

Surfing themes created by SugarCRM for everyone's enjoyment.

Sugar Lite Theme

Sugar Lite is a stripped down theme using minimal graphics and CSS. If you have the need for speed, Sugar Lite is for you.
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