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We based our work on years of experience in SugarCRM to create fully usable, much nicer themes to add in our collection.
We took the challenging work of creating new improved, user-friendly and fully responsive new themes. Say hello to “Azzure” and “Clean” themes!
What you will get by switching from classic to one of the two new themes is the fact that you are making your workspace more tolerable to look at 8 hours a day and it also inspires creativity.
It’s a given fact that people work better in environments that are personalized to them, so this was our aim: to modernize the interface but keeping it clean and intuitive at the same time.
Both theme offer a quick and clear navigation combined with advanced features.
Azzure means having a clean style with a predominantly blue color, whilst the Clean one uses another eye-pleasing, relaxing color. The default theme is pretty slick as well, but having the ability to modify the styling is exciting and welcomed.


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