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Utah Life Elevated Theme

utah_life_elevatedIf you like red rock or green forested mountain tops, the Utah theme is for you.

Themes Created by Intelestream

Intelestream is proud to offer five new background themes to compliment the application: 1) Baseball Madness; 2) New Zealand Mountains; 3) Racing; 4) Night Club; and 5) The Deep Blue Sea. These themes and more can also be found at:

Sunset Theme

Sunset Theme created to help you get relaxed and ready for a nice long weekend.

SugarCRM Themes

accountthemeazureWe based our work on years of experience in SugarCRM to create fully usable, much nicer themes to add in our collection. We took the challenging work of creating new improved, user-friendly and fully responsive new themes. Say hello to "Azzure" and "Clean" themes! What you will get by switching from classic to one of More Info »

Sugar Pro style theme for CE - YouAddOn

dashboard  A Sugar Professional style theme for Sugar Community Edition. To get it please contact us. get it here:

Sugar Pipeline Themes

Surfing themes created by SugarCRM for everyone's enjoyment.

Sugar Lite Theme

Sugar Lite is a stripped down theme using minimal graphics and CSS. If you have the need for speed, Sugar Lite is for you.

Sugar Golden Gate Theme

A San Francisco-themed theme from SugarCRM.

SpecINFO Blue Theme

homeThis theme is for SugarCRM 6.5 version. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. No box-shadow effect and round corners in Internet Explorer browser .

RTL Golf theme

RTL version of "standard" SugarCRM Golf theme.

Renove Iconset

RenoveIconsetThis plugin aims to make a Sugar icons replacement based on Fugue Icons ( Although some of the icons have been created/modified for myself, I've always based on the icons included in Fugue Icons.

Modern Aqua Theme

action-menuMacOSX-like theme on Sugar frameworks. NOTE: NO IE SUPPORT! USE SAFARI, CHROME, OR FIREFOX.

Metro style theme for Sugar 6.4.x-6.5.x

Collapse_MenuMetro theme has a clean and intuitive metro style design which makes your Sugar CE look awesome and yet user friendly

KOSS Green Theme

06_adminThis Theme is for Sugar 6 version. Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6, and SugarCRM 6.0 or higher.

KINDI Technologies RTL Theme

logo4This theme is special for right to left languages

Introducing a new theme!

stickynoteThe option "Themes" of the Menu "Preferences" in Elastix lets you choose a theme for the Elastix Web Interface. To change the theme, choose from the available options and click on the "Save" button. By choosing "newTemplate" theme, you get a minimalistic theme that dedicates as much space as possible to the module itself. It More Info »

Info At Hand: Fudge Plus Theme

fudgeplus-compositeFudge Plus is a flexible theme which allows selection between multiple flavours to best suit your taste and working environment. Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6, and SugarCRM 3.5 or higher.

Hebrew עברית

screen01Hebrew Pack for SugarOS. Including: Language Pack and RTL Themes. שפה העברית למערכת, חבילה כוללת: קבצי שפה ותבניות ימין לשמאל.

Enhanced Views

searchviewEnhance detail, and listing views.
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