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SugarCRM to Hubspot integration 2021

416x416xsugarcrm-hubspot   Close the loop between marketing and sales The benefits of integrating SugarCRM with HubSpot include: generate leads in Hubspot ¬†use SugarCRM to Close the Sale ¬†identify the most effective sources for leads ¬†open-source code installed in SugarCRM ¬†easily map new custom SugarCRM fields and Hubspot properties does not require to send More Info »

Marketo Connector for Sugar

screenshot1Build and sustain more durable, long-term relationships with prospects and customers across channels with Marketo for Sugar.

DetectID Cloud for SugarCRM

test_DIDCloud_logoDetectID Cloud for SugarCRM is simple to setup and use. DetectID Cloud enables Push and Mobile OTP Authentication with iOS or Android devices to protect against password theft. Deploy real two-factor security for SugarCRM in minutes. Try it for Free. marketing automation