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SugarCRM Translation Module

company_logoThis project have developed a translation module that makes it easier to translate SugarCRM to new languages. This module visualises all the words that needs translation in the admin interface of SugarCRM.  

SugarCRM to Hubspot integration 2021

416x416xsugarcrm-hubspot   Close the loop between marketing and sales The benefits of integrating SugarCRM with HubSpot include: generate leads in Hubspot  use SugarCRM to Close the Sale  identify the most effective sources for leads  open-source code installed in SugarCRM  easily map new custom SugarCRM fields and Hubspot properties does not require to send More Info »

SugarCRM SMS Messaging

sms.easy.sendingThis module enables efficient SMS sending from within SugarCRM to a large number to global mobile networks, enabling sales teams to easily SMS leads, contacts or accounts. A log is kept of the interaction and added to the record history.

SugarCRM Professionelle Jagd nach Kunden

crm-buch-500Vergleich aller erhältlicher Versionen (inkl. SugarCRM 6), SugarCRM Projekte planen& umsetzen, Installation, Administration& Anpassung, Use Cases f. Marketing, Vertrieb& Support, mobile Endgeräte.

SugarCRM Compiere integration

sugarsync4The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of

Sugar Portal for Joomla

joomla15_listviewTo allow joomla users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within joomla.

STARFACE SugarCRM Connector

ScreenShot 2010-10-19 15.42.35adds telephony features of STARFACE VoIP solution to optimize the effectivness of SugarCRM, incl. click to dial, signaling of inbound & outbound calls (display of customer data), direct documentation of phone calls in the appropriate memo sheet.

Spanish (Spain) Language Files

sugarcrm-es_esContains Spanish (Spain) language pack and other Spanish files

Spanish (Mexico) Language Files

Spanish Language Pack (Mexico) for SugarCRM 6.2.1 base system and modules, compatible with all versions (CE, PRO, ENT). Compatible with other hispanic languages.  

Simplified Chinese Language Pack

UntitledOfficial Simplified Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. Managed and maintained by SugarCRM Inc. SugarCRM 简体中文

Simple Chat For SugarCRM

Full4This is a simple Ajax-based chat for SugarCRM users. Now users have an opportunity to communicate with each other. There are also opportunity to send privat messages, view history of privat messages.


Scalix provides an open-source based enterprise-ready messaging and calendaring platform. By running the SugarCRM Outlook Plug-In, SugarCRM and Scalix users will receive advanced, integrated CRM functionality.

Russian Sugar CRM 6 (русская версия)

crmt62Русская версия SugarCRM 6. В связи с найденной идеально работающей альтернативой работа заброшена.          

Round Robin Lead Assignment

A logic hook based module that can be used to automatically assign leads in a round robin fashion.
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