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Persian (Farsi) SugarCRM

iranian-flagPersian ( Farsi ) language pack for sugar . These packs will change your region from fr-FR to fr-IR in your meta header which Bing uses to determine your region code. For Full Version Download Go to :

Language Sync Tool

LangToolA tool to help language translators to create distributable language packs.

Language Package Manager

SugarCRM is a powerful suite. To help people use this powerful tool in their native language, it's the goal of language package manger (lpm). So lpm is ready for u ,who want to begin translating. Feel free to use them and give me feedback.

Korean Laguage Pack

다같이 사용하는 오픈소스의 한글화.

Japanese Language Pack (


Japanese FastStack Pack

SugarCRM@SugarUser.jp6.x 日本語版のWindows用ワンクリック起動パッケージです。 起動方法や詳細はこちらをご確認ください。

Italian Language Pack

Contains Italian language pack files. Contiene i file per la definizione di SugarCRM in lingua italiana.

Italian Language (Italiano)

sugarcrmitaLa migliore traduzione italiana completa di SugarCRM CE con supporto completo per i caratteri speciali. Da Witcom s.r.l. Full Italian Translation for SugarCRM Community Edition with full support for HTML special chars. Versioni 4.5, 5.0.0, 5.5.0  

Hebrew עברית

screen01Hebrew Pack for SugarOS. Including: Language Pack and RTL Themes. שפה העברית למערכת, חבילה כוללת: קבצי שפה ותבניות ימין לשמאל.

German Language / Deutsche Sprachdateien

book6_cover_sDie deutschen Sprachdateien für SugarCRM CE (Community Edition) Bei Fehlern / Fragen: info (at)

French (Français) SugarCRM Open Source

image3Développements et documentations en français sur l'utilisation de SugarCRM Open Source. Developments and French documentations for SugarCRM Open Source.


sugar5_comptes900Traduction intégrale de SugarCRM Community Edition , Professional et Enterprise en Français. Contient tous les modules des dernières versions supportées 6.5.X.

Francais (French) Language Pack- SYNOLIA

Logo-Synolia_2011Depuis la version 6.1 de SugarCRM la traduction SYNOLIA est intégrée directement dans les versions Professionnelle, Coporate, Entreprise et Ultimate. Ce package n'est utile que pour les versions CE.

Finnish language files

sugar_screenshotFinnish language pack and other Finnish language files

Finnish langpack SugarCE 6.2.0

Finnish language pack for SugarCE 6.2.0. Admin module has not been translated, but if you wish just unzip, go to module/Admin/language, translate the file fi_fi.lang and zip again. (Thats it...and if someone will it would be nice to share it here).

Euro currency pack

contributedEuro currency packs allow for installation of Euro Currency in Sugar OS. Currency symbol becomes « € » everywhere and it is positioned after the numbers. Les packs Euro permettent d’afficher toutes les devises en Euros dans Sugar OS.    

English (United Kingdom / Great Britian)

There's nowt wrong with American, but it's not proper English. Get the Great British / United Kingdom regional language pack to ensure you have proper Anglicised English version of SugarCRM.

Dutch Language Pack

prudento350SugarCRM in het Nederlands. Prudento - gespecialiseerd in SugarCRM.

Deutsche (German) Language Files

sugarcrmContains language pack files for German. Übersetzung von Sugar CRM auf Deutsch.
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