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User Friendly Polish Language Pack

zrzut2This translation project is focused on best funcionality during daily use. Easy, fully intuitive expressions, tested on duty, maximum useful, with most improved satisfaction of using SugarCRM!

Swiss German Language Files

SugarCRM_Pro45_ge-chContains language pack files for Swiss German.

SugarCRM Font Pack

SugarCRM PDF fonts pack allows you to generate PDF documents with data in various languages. This font pack extends the SugarCRM charsets support to most of the symbols in common use, including European, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. etc.

SugarCRM Chinese Simplized-C3CRM

C3CRM is developed based on SugarCRM. Besides modules in SugarSuite, we furtherly add practical modules : Products, Pricebooks, Quotes, ProductService, Followup, Contracts, Shares, Apps, Reports and so on. We will provide more as you wish.    

SugarCRM 5.2,6.X.X CE Romanian Language

Contains language pack files for Romanian.Contine traducerea in Romana pentru SugarCRM 5.2 CE si 6.X.X CE

Spanish-Spain Language Pack [REDK.NET]

Logo 150 100Traducción al español (España) de SugarCRM Community Edition para versiones superiores a la 6.1. Traducción realizada por REDK Software Engineering.

Spanish (Spain) Language Files

sugarcrm-es_esContains Spanish (Spain) language pack and other Spanish files

Spanish (Mexico) Language Files

Spanish Language Pack (Mexico) for SugarCRM 6.2.1 base system and modules, compatible with all versions (CE, PRO, ENT). Compatible with other hispanic languages.  

Spanish (Latin America) language files

Contains Spanish (Latin America) language pack and other Spanish files

Spanish (Colombian) language pack

This package is the translation to Colombian Spanish of SugarCRM.

Simplified/Traditional[New] 简体/繁体中文语言包

_SimplifiedChineseLanguagePackSimplified/Traditional Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. 简体/繁体中文语言包由 think7Strategy Org. 维护并持续更新. ITO 开源社区支持:

Simplified Chinese Language Pack

UntitledOfficial Simplified Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. Managed and maintained by SugarCRM Inc. SugarCRM 简体中文

Serbian Language Pack (Srpski)

SugarCRM_serbianSrpski Lokalizacioni Paket za SugarCRM. Najnoviji prevodi SugarCRMa uključeni.

Russian Sugar CRM 6 (русская версия)

crmt62Русская версия SugarCRM 6. В связи с найденной идеально работающей альтернативой работа заброшена.          

RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack and Manual

manRussian language pack & user guide for SugarCRM CE 5.x-6.x Перевод для текущей версии завершен, продолжение следует здесь:

Portuguese (Portugal) Language Files

Language pack for pt_pt (portuguese from portugal).  

Polski (Polish) Language Files

project_lang_logoContains Polish language pack and other Polish language files. Zawiera Polski pakiet językowy i inne Polskie pliki językowe.  

Polish Language Pack - OSS Język Polski

oss_sugar_pl_Zbudowaliśmy od podstaw nowe spolszczenie do SugarCRM 6.5.x, jest to obecnie jedyne spolszczenie, które ma tą samą kolejność i budowę tak jak oryginalna paczka językowa dostarczana przez producenta.
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