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Homepage Publisher

MenueThe Sugar Refinery's homepage publisher plugin allows Admins to set up a standard Homepage layout and then publish this layout to all users of the system. This plug-in is priced at only £9.99 for version 2 upwards.

GrinMark SugarCRM Activities Monitor

Notifier1A windows based messenger-like tool displaying activities for you and your team. You get audio and visual notifications (Windows TaskBar) whenever Calls or Meetings are pending. Defer messages when you are busy.    

Google Map of Address

Patch to provide a quick link to open up Google maps with the address of a Contact or Account.

Google Calendar integration for SugarCRM

img_modul_googlecalendarWith this module you can rely on your calendar, simply get full control over the planned events and never forget any important work activities. The module shall synchronize your Google Calendar with meetings, calls and calendar in SugarCRM.

Flexible Chart Dashlet

A chart dashlet that can be configured using metadata to Chart anything that a sql query can fetch from the database. Makes adding custom charts to the home page as simple as writing a query and editing a metadata file.

Field Level Access Control

fields1A module that adds field level access control to Sugar CE 5.x

Enhanced Search

account_select  New powerful search features for SugarCRM: From and To date search capabilities, OR / NOT field search options, text/number OPERATOR (LIKE, =, >, <, IN, BETWEEN and RLIKE are supported) and the new Additional Search Fields... more at

Editable DetailView

Screenshot12This module makes DetailView editable. Just doubleclick on a field and edit it. A saving runs very very fast. Lite version allows you to edit only Accounts and Contacts directly from DetailView.

Dynamic Form Wizard

3Create a simple web form for multiple modules in sugar instance and create records in multiple modules with one click.

Document Thumbnails

screenshotDisplays thumbnails of documents in the Documents module.

Dispage ModuleSurfer

Surf easily SugarCRM Modules with ModuleSurfer, a new plugin turning each Module into an AJAX grid. View all the records at one time thanks to the autoload on scrolling. Sort/ inline-edit/ delete the records: no page reload. ...more at

Development Tool Kit

This package enable non developers to implement, in an easy to use way, advanced features as "Dependent Dropdowns" and "Dropdown Based Require Fields".

Chart Dashlets Hub

sim_logoThis project aims to share all the custom chart dashlets available. We already listed our own custom chart dashlets, feel free to send us yours in order to complete the list !

CE Teams

TeamsDetailViewThis module adds team functionality to *any* module in SugarCRM Community Edition. It uses the logic hooks to hook into any module and is 100% upgrade safe! Please e-mail for questions or support.

CallRooM: Who's Online

This module implements the Who's Online feature on administration panel. Very useful especially for hosted users.

CallRooM: iCal Export+HTML Notification

This patch implements the following functionalities on Sugar: 1) iCalendar button on Meetings, Tasks and Calls views for export, 2) Notification emails with iCalendar file attachment and 3) HTML notification emails for Contacts and Users or both.  

Activity Sync for SugarCRM by Opacus

icalOpacus Activities Sync will sync your calls, meetings and tasks through your native calendar on your iPhone, iPad, Thunderbird or any other CalDAV / iCal capable device. FOR A TRIAL:
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