Product Category: Collaboration

CE Teams

TeamsDetailViewThis module adds team functionality to *any* module in SugarCRM Community Edition. It uses the logic hooks to hook into any module and is 100% upgrade safe! Please e-mail for questions or support.

CallRooM: Who's Online

This module implements the Who's Online feature on administration panel. Very useful especially for hosted users.

Box for SugarCRM

screenshot1Box is an enterprise content collaboration system that lets you access, share, manage and collaborate on your business content within SugarCRM - from product datasheets and contracts, to demo videos and training presentations.        

Archive inbound email

PHP script that allows to assign messages from inbound email to a contact(s) with the address(es) of the recipient(s). Has to be run via scheduler.

Android Dial and Answer Booster

Click-to-callClick-to-call and screen pop-up on incoming call for Android users. No PBX, CTI, TAPI or third-party VoIP needed. Just install plugin and Android app. Boost your phone talk time and productivity by 200%.

Agora Mail

snapshot9Publish and track email exchanges with your customers. Agora Mail does it the smart way: it picks up only emails related to SugarCRM Contacts, linking them automatically. Google Mail, Rackspace Email, or your own: it just works.
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